It’s time to change education - one step at a time!

By EuroHealthNet

The Schools4Health project, led by EuroHealthNet, recently brought together experts in education, health, and agriculture for a dynamic three-day training visit on healthy nutrition in schools. From 13-15 March, stakeholders from Slovenia, Hungary, Andalusia (Spain), Flanders (Belgium) and the Netherlands gathered in Belgium to exchange insights and strategies.

Day 1 saw important discussions with representatives from the European Commission, highlighting Initiatives like the Pathway to Schools Success, Erasmus+ and the EU School Fruit, Vegetables and Milk scheme. The partners delved into the transfer and implementation plans of two key practices:

Snack & Chill, developed by the Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven, aims to help secondary education students to choose healthy drinks and snacks by creating an attractive food environments in schools. Read more here.
Smaaklessen, developed by Wageningen University & Research and the Netherlands Nutrition Centre, and supported by the RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, wants to make food education fun. It helps school-aged children become food literate by focusing on taste development, consumer skills and healthy and sustainable eating.

Good practices like these contribute to the overall objectives of Schools4Health, supporting efforts to make every school a health promoting school.

Read more about the Schools4Health project here.

Photos: Gezond Leven

Posted on 20/03/2024 by EuroHealthNet

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